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It pays to invest in quality solar components

Published on 
October 21, 2019

So you buy a cheap solar system from a big company? In order to keep costs down they need to make savings somewhere. What these larger bulk install companies do is cut in to the cheapest panels, inverter, racking, and DC isolators. This quite often means if you have a warranty issues the company may have disappeared, be hard to reach, or be in China. Ever tried to claim a warranty from a company in China!!!!

Unsafe DC isolators

There is a real risk with using cheap DC isolators, as has been shown in too many homes across Australia, they can catch fire. This has prompted the recall of several isolators including the Avanco DC isolator.

Don't risk cutting costs

The solar system may be installed by a underpaid contractor or employee that could cut corners to save time. Often these companies pressure their tradespeople to take on more jobs than they can install in a week, so the standard drops. Companies are sometimes slow to pay them which keeps them on their pockets.

Many of the larger, high end solar companies are just franchises. So you get solar companies run by people who are not experienced in the solar industry. All they care about is making as much profit as possible, if that means selling you the wrong system or a solar system which is not big enough to cope with the power requirements of your home or business so be it.

Trust a local solar professional

It pays to buy local, direct from a professional registered CEC solar installer and designer and spend a little bit more on a quality system that will provide green power for your home for many years to come.