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Looking for top quality, reliable solar system on the Sunshine Coast? Andy Johnson Electrical Services offers custom solar power systems for residential and commercial properties across the Coast from Gympie to Bribie Island. Our experienced solar electricians can take care of your solar installation from start to finish. Start saving on your power bills, speak to our solar specialists about installing a solar system at your home or business today.

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Benefits of using solar systems

Renewable energy plays an important role in our country's future power generation. For Australia, with its abundant supply of sunshine each year, investing in solar energy makes perfect sense.

The solar industry has been around for many years now and during that time solar companies have carried out extensive research into creating good quality, affordable, efficient, and reliable solar PV components, helping to ensure quality solar is available for all budgets.

Utilising solar power in your home or business property has many great benefits including:

  • Reduce electricity bills - using solar power means you’re not paying for mains grid electricity, lowering electricity costs for your property. Installing a solar battery can help reduce your bills even more.
  • Solar power is genuinely renewable, we’ll never run out and there are loads to go around, in fact, every day there’s more.
  • Solar electricity is perfect for areas where grid power is not accessible. 
  • Solar works in any climate but is especially useful in areas like the Sunshine Coast where we get lots of sunlight.
  • Solar is great for the environment as it reduces your home or business greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Get a grid solar connection to feed your excess power back into the mains grid, increasing the green power in your community and reducing the reliance on fossil fuel power production
  • The Australian federal and state governments offer a variety of incentives to encourage home and business owners to invest in solar energy.
  • Solar panel systems are easy to use and maintain - a yearly professional check, periodic reviews of the power productions, and a quick hose off of the panels if it hasn’t rained in a while is all the maintenance needed.
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Points to consider when installing a solar system

A solar system can be a significant investment so it’s important to do your research beforehand. Don’t just sign up to the cheapest solar deal you can find and expect to wipe out your power bill the next day. Our solar electricians have put together a list of things to consider when installing a solar PV system.

  • Look for a Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer who has extensive experience in the industry
  • Get a few different quotes - with solar you get what you pay for going with the cheapest system you can find can mean you are having to carry out repairs a lot sooner or replacing components after only a few years.
  • Go with reputable, established solar brands - this applies to every aspect from solar panels ad inverters to mounting systems. Unless you’ve had a solar system before most solar brands probably won’t be familiar but when you’re doing your research there will be several that you see being recommended such as Jinko, Sungrow, and SMA.
  • Get professional advice - an experienced solar company will ensure the system they recommend will provide adequate power for your home or business by assessing your current power usage. They’ll also review when you use the most power to ensure a solar system will be effective - if you use most of your power in the evening or early morning solar may not be practical or you could need a battery to get the most from the system.
  • What is your usable roof space? A section of north-facing, unshaded roof space is the most effective position for solar system installation, however, other aspects can still work.
  • Investigate the government incentives available to you - rebates such as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme can help to reduce your installation costs and any feed-in-tariffs can help offset your ongoing grid power expenses for grid-connected systems.

The professional solar system installation team

Andy Johnson Electrical Services team has years of experience in the solar industry. Our solar electricians can create a custom solar system to suit your home or business power needs using quality components from leading solar manufacturers. Get started on your solar system contact our team at  1300 758 410 or complete our online solar system installation quote request today.

Ref: https://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/consumers/buying-solar/government-programs


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