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5kW Solar System Sunshine Coast

Your trusted local 5kW solar power specialists

Johnson Electrical specialises in installing top quality 5kW solar systems for homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast, from Gympie to Caloundra. Our experienced team of solar electricians can guide you through choosing the perfect solar system for your needs, whether it’s one of our great value 5kW solar systems or another customised option.

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Benefits of choosing a 5kW solar PV system

The 5kW solar PV system is a good all-round option for many homes and is currently one of the most popular options installed in Australia. While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to home solar energy needs the 5kW system definitely provides a versatile option.

  • Great value for money
  • High energy yields
  • Cost effective
  • Good power generation during the middle part of the day - the perfect time to run the washing machine, dishwasher, pool pump, or air conditioning system utilising the green power
  • Ideal for average sized homes with average power usage.
  • Uses from 22 to 24 solar panels
  • We use solar components from trusted leading brands ensuring a long lasting, quality result.
  • The continued reduction in the cost of solar components such as inverters and panels 5kW solar is more affordable than ever before.
  • South East Queensland’s abundance of long sunny days year round make solar a viable power option.
  • Eligible for STCs and other government rebates
  • The average output for a 5kW solar system in SEQ is 21.0kWh - please note output will vary depending on many factors such as the season, roof aspect, roof pitch, shade issues.
  • Reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions
Sungrow Solar logo
We use top quality Sungrow solar inverters

5kW solar power system packages

Our 5kW solar power package range can be fully customised to suit your home power needs or you can choose from one of the following package options:

5kW Solar Option 1

  • 5kW Sungrow Solar Inverter
  • 24 x 275W Jinko Solar Panels
  • Solar system cost - $3999*

5kW Solar Option 2

  • 5kW Fronius Solar Inverter
  • 24 x 275W Jinko Solar Panels
  • Solar system cost - $4999*

5kW Solar Option 3

  • 5kW Sungrow Solar Inverter
  • 22 x 300W Q Cells Solar Panels
  • Solar system cost - $4599*

5kW Solar Option 4

  • 5kW Fronius Solar Inverter
  • 22 x 300W Q Cells Solar Panels
  • Solar system cost - $5599*

*Supply and fully installed on a single-story house with a tin roof. 

Jinko Solar Panels
We utilise Jinko Solar panels

Top quality solar on the Sunshine Coast

Speak to our solar team today about installing a 5kW solar system in your Sunshine Coast home. Johnson Electrical can asses your current power use to ensure the solar power system provides your home with ample power. Book a quote or request the installation of one of our quality 5kW solar packages at 1300 758 410 or complete our quick online solar booking today.

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