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Specialist solar power inverter repair services

Solar power systems are made up of many important components including solar panels, the solar inverter, electrical wiring, mounting systems, and sometimes a battery (if fitted). Ensuring all these parts are working effectively together to produce as much green power for your property as possible requires a little bit ongoing maintenance. If even one component of the system is faulty the whole units power production potential can be reduced. Andy Johnson Electrical offer a full range of solar inverter repairs across the Sunshine Coast to ensure you are getting the most from your system.

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Faulty solar system repair

A recent Choice survey of solar system owners found that around a fifth didn’t know if their solar PV system was working efficiently or not. That is a substantial amount of solar systems not providing sufficient power for homes and businesses across the country.

A solar PV system is complex, faults are not always easy to spot and can occur with any part. For instance, a poor performing or faulty solar inverter can significantly reduce the energy production of your solar system. 

Common solar inverter problems

Our solar electricians encounter a range of problems with solar inverters in both residential and commercial solar installations. The huge selection of brands and models on the market, from top quality to cheap and nasty, means issues can be many and varied. Some of the problems we are called out to repair include:

  • Improper installation - unfortunately during the first solar boom which happened in Australia around 10 years ago, many solar systems were installed by technicians who didn’t have the skills or knowledge to provide a quality system and some were installed incorrectly. Faulty installation may not be obvious to most solar owners but could cause the system to fail over time or present a fire and electric shock hazard. 
  • Overheating - faulty wiring or worn components can cause the inverter to overheat reducing its effectiveness, causing a complete failure, or posing a fire risk.
  • Poor connections, damaged cabling, or moisture ingress can create a short circuit causing unit failure or circuit breaker tripping.
  • Problems with earthing
  • Grid faults - too low or too high voltage.

Johnson Electrical’s experienced solar electricians can carry out a complete review of your solar system, perform any solar inverter repair or maintenance needed, or any other solar repairs required. 

Your local Sunshine Coast solar repair experts

Andy Johnson and his team have been providing solar repairs across the Sunshine Coast for 7 years with many more years of experience in the solar industry. Our team only use top quality solar components from proven leading brands to ensure we provide a long lasting, reliable solar repair solution for every job.

Book your solar inverter repair in by calling Johnson Electrical Services at 1300 758 410 or complete our online solar repair request today.

Ref - https://www.choice.com.au/home-improvement/energy-saving/solar/articles/six-step-health-check-for-your-solar-system


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