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Johnson Electrical Services

Your Local Solar Panels Professional

With over 25 years of experience in the trade, you know you can rely on Andy Johnson Electrical Services to provide you with a solar panel system installation or repair that will work its best for years to come. We work consistently at a high standard to ensure your workplace or home is provided with renewable energy. Get in touch with one of our electricians by booking a solar panel quote today.


Solar Panels Installation

Buying the right solar panels for your home can be difficult. Even once you have figured that out, how will you install them? Andy Johnson Electricians are all professionally trained and experienced to select and install solar power systems. We will be able to assist you with purchasing solar panels that will suit your home the best. 

If you have already bought panels, we highly recommend that you contact us to complete the installation. It takes years of qualified training and work experience to install solar panels properly. Our solar installers work with efficiency, safety and expertise. We ensure each panel is positioned and installed properly so you get what you pay for, high quality renewable energy.

Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs 

Is your solar panel system not working like it used to? Or maybe you would like to have the peace of mind knowing that your renewable energy system will continue working as best as it can? Andy Johnson Electrical Services can provide you with affordable and reliable repairs to your solar unit. We can also assist you in replacing your old panels with new ones if you are looking to upgrade. 

Regular maintenance can save your solar panels from unexpectedly not working. It is an affordable way of ensuring your system works as best as it can when you need it most, whilst also detecting problems before they critically affect your solar power. 

Why use us for your Solar Panels?

By choosing a licensed Andy Johnson Electrician, you will receive an outstanding installation, repair or maintenance service for your solar panel power system. We have been based locally on the Sunshine Coast for 7 years, so once you have made contact with us, getting to your workplace or home won't be an issue. 

When you call us, you will speak directly to a qualified electrician, so there will be no miscommunications. We are all fully licensed and have years of experience with a range of electrical work, so we know what we are doing. 

For any solar panel enquiries call us today on 1300 758 410 or complete our quick and easy online electrician booking request form. For other electrical work enquiries call 0485 800 160.  



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Solar Inspections

We carry out extensive solar inspections to help fix problems with your panels.



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