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Your local solar system repair specialists

Are you worried your solar system is not working at its most efficient? Suffered storm damage to solar panels or mounting systems? Andy Johnson Electrical Services offer complete solar repairs throughout the Sunshine Coast. Our experienced solar electricians can take care of all solar system repairs and maintenance services from inverter repairs to faulty solar panels or damaged DC isolators.

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Solar repair services Sunshine Coast

Andy Johnson Electrical provide a full range of solar repair services including:

  • Solar inverter repairs
  • Identifying and repairing solar panel hot spots
  • Identifying and repairing micro cracks in solar panels
  • Fixing storm damage to mounting systems
  • Repairing damaged wiring
  • Fault finding
  • Uncovering and repairing causes of low electricity production
  • Identify corrosion or delamination

The solar system is a fine tuned package which relies on all components working together effectively to safely produce green power for your home. If even a single component is damaged or faulty the whole system can be affected, reducing power production. Often issues can go undetected for long periods of time, increasing your use of expensive grid power.

Routine solar inspection

To ensure your solar power system and it is operating at peak efficiency as much as practical we recommend a yearly routine solar maintenance inspection. By periodically inspecting all aspects of the solar system potential issues can be identified before they affect the power generation of the system.

During the solar inspection our electricians will test all aspects of the solar system including panels, inverters, isolators, mounting systems, and wiring. 

Important Solar DC Isolator Recall

The ACCC have recalled a range of DC isolators (the device/switch that connects/disconnects the solar panels from the rest of the solar system for maintenance or repairs) including models from these brands - 

  • Avanco, 
  • PVPower, 
  • Gen3, 
  • NHP, 
  • Salzer. 

The isolators are subject to recall due to issues such as overheating, fire hazard, electric shock risk, and ineffective unsafe operation. 

If your solar PV system is fitted with a solar DC isolator from one of these brands it needs to be replaced immediately for the protection of your family, home, and anyone working on the solar system. Speak to our solar electricians if you are unsure. 

More information on the solar DC isolator recall can be found at - worksafe.qld.gov.au

Your local solar experts on the Sunshine Coast

For the very best solar repairs across the Sunshine Coast contact Andy Johnson Electrical at 1300 758 410 or complete our quick online solar repair request form today.

Our experienced solar electricians offer expert advice on getting the most from your solar power system, maximising returns and minimising electricity bills.


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We carry out extensive solar inspections to help fix problems with your panels.



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