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Upgrade your old switchboard or fuse box on the Sunshine Coast

Andy Johnson Electrical Services is a Sunshine Coast electrical company that specialises in electrical switchboard upgrades for homes and businesses on the Coast. We can upgrade your old switchboard or fuse box to a new, compliant switchboard that will meet all of the relevant safety requirements.

Our team are qualified electricians who have years of experience in the electrical industry. We know how to safely upgrade your electrical system so you can rest easy knowing everything is up to code.

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Safety risks posed by old fuse boxes

Old style fuse boxes can be dangerous, as they don't provide many of the modern electrical safety features and may not meet current requirements. This can put your property and family at risk of electrical fires or shocks. Upgrading to a new, compliant switchboard is the best way to ensure that your home or business is safe and up to date.

Many older style fuse boxes are not able to cope with the power requirements of modern homes. They may be tripping out or not providing enough power for all of the electrical appliances and devices in your home.

If you have an older home when it was built the electrical demands would have been a lot lower than they are today. Now almost every room in the house has several, if not more, appliances that need a reliable supply of power to operate.

Benefits of modern switchboards

Modern switchboards are fitted with many safety features which can include:

  • metal or plastic housing
  • circuit breakers
  • safety switches
  • surge protection
  • earth electrode

If you are installing a solar system, renovating your home or adding appliances with larger power requirements such as electric hot water systems or ducted air conditioning your current switchboard may not be able to cater for these extra features. In this case, your electrician will need to update the switchboard prior to the work or adding these new appliances.

A safe and compliant electrical system is essential for both the safety of your family and your business. Let our electricians take care of this for you so you can have peace of mind knowing everything is up to date and safe.

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Great reasons to use Andy Johnson Electrical for your switchboard upgrade

  • Experienced electricians - we've got the expertise to take care of all your electrical needs.
  • Reliable & on time - we understand your time is valuable.
  • Speak directly to a fully qualified electrician - practical advice from the first call.
  • Local electricians - we are based in Coolum, right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Your local Sunshine Coast switchboard upgrade specialists

For the very best in electrical switchboard upgrades on the Sunshine Coast contact Andy Johnson Electrical Services at 0487 897 180 or complete the enquiry form above.


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